Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend of the World - Irony and Elections

1. With all the money that is moving from wealthy Americans - money that would have probably sat in stocks or other forms of savings and holdings - to the world of advertising and campaigning, well over $2B; it is like a little bitty stimulus package paid for mostly by a tax on the wealthiest Americans.

2. SAT scores are down on the verbal element. But students who used to not take the test are now taking it because more kids are going to college. Which means comparing one year's results to another is meaningless. A better analysis would be to compare the average SAT score of incoming freshmen at the top 100 colleges. That, I suspect, is going up. As near as I can tell, the Flynn effect is still happening and the SAT's probably adjust for it automatically. So another good question is how would today's students do on the older tests?

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