Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend of the world - Invisible Obama's Invisible Birth Certificate

  • Better Medical records - I recently had surgery, and every time I go to the doctor, they ask me if I have any allergies. Every time. The same doctor. Don't they write anything down? It's like having a goldfish for a doctor. I can't believe that we haven't got a better system yet. I should have an electronic medical file that any doctor can access (and every one has to) and will know the results of every test I've taken, every drug I've been prescribed, every diagnosis I've ever had, everything.  Dental records, the dermatologist, everything. I got a dip/tet vaccine booster recently because I couldn't remember when I'd last had one, so I was given another just in case. I can't be the only one. These kinds of things must account for a lot of waste. How many people don't remember the answers to important questions? How many people don't understand their own medical history? How much waste and how many errors does all of this account for?
  • Random history factoid - I realized that no matter who wins the election in November, we could end up going 16 years with Presidents who served in office in a state other than their birth state (Bush - Connecticut and Texas, Obama - Hawaii and Illinois and possibly Romney - Michigan and Massachusetts). In fact, the last three losing nominees were all the same (Gore - DC and Tennessee, Kerry - Colorado and Massachusetts and McCain - Panama and Arizona). This would be the longest stretch ever, eclipsing the 15 years and 6 months put together by Arthur (Vermont and New York), Cleveland (New Jersey and New York) and Harrison (Ohio and Indiana). I guess it's testament to how much more transient we've become. A Romney win followed by a tragedy could break that because Paul Ryan is a native of Wisconson (Biden was born in Pennsylvania but served in Delaware).

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